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Cider by Rosie      www.ciderbyrosie.com


The village now has another very successful local industry run by Rose Grant. Rose has been making cider on a small scale for over 20 years but recently she has assembled not only an efficient cider making facility but has also made major building modifications to the barn in which it is housed!

The pictures below give an outline of the cider-making process as run by Rose. 


    Gathering apples at an orchard in S.Somerset


    Loading the trailer for transport to Houghton


   Unloading and selecting the apples


    Pulping and loading trays


    Preparing for pressing
   Preparing for pressing
    Carefully folding cloth to contain the pulp in the press


    Increasing pressure....
    and more...

The press exerts a maximum force around 60 tons!


    Preparing to bottle

Some of the results!

Rose's cider is now in great demand in local pubs and restaurants.


Photos courtesy of Rose Grant

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