Jubilee Orchard 

28th September 2011  (Tree planting March 2012 - below)

          Nick and Terry planning the work


        A lot of ground elder to remove





   Not too much room to manoeuvre

                    Ready for lunch

     The wind was in the right direction

25th March 2012

                  Matt in digging mode                                                                                                               Rose applying well rotted manure - 

                                                                                                                                                                        essential in the thin chalky soil

February 2013 - repairs to the bank



The final earth works to shore up the back boundary of the Jubilee Orchard have been completed. The Parish Council would like to thank Dorset Area of Outstanding Beauty for their support and the grant that has enabled us to carry out this essential work. We would also like to thank Bob Moggeridge and his team who carried out the work. We intend to plant cowslips and primroses on the bank before it is seeded. We would also like to thank those living nearby for their forbearance during the two days it took to complete the works.  


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