Road maintenance and gritting 



Background information 2011

The parish council has frequently discussed the problem of keeping the road from Stickland safe during periods of bad weather and the clerk has made numerous telephone calls to Dorset County Council (DCC) highways department.  Just when it appeared that the 2010/11 winter scenario was about to be repeated, a change of policy at DCC made it possible for Houghton to be included on the 'Community Links Network' (more information here).  This means that the Houghton approach road assumes a lower priority than a 'primary' route but under extreme conditions such as prolonged periods of ice or snow, the road from Stickland post office to the telephone box will be gritted/ploughed as required.  Consequently when gritting is carried out between Stickland and Whitechurch, the Houghton approach will not necessarily be gritted.


It is DCC policy to keep the roads to 'single access' communities clear. For the majority of parishioners, Houghton has effectively only one access road in periods of extreme weather since the Hollow is impassable for vehicles with 2 wheel drive. 

Consequently at meetings with DCC highways staff, the parish council has emphasised that Houghton fits the description of a 'single access' community. 


Winterborne Houghton is now on a gritting route - click here


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